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GamersGate Holiday Gift Guide 2010 - Week4


GamersGateでは“Buy 4, pay for 3!”(4コ同時に買うと一番安い1コが無料)が利くことと、Blue Coinが貰えることをお忘れ無く。古めのゲームは、steamレイヤーが無い方が上手く動作する場合も多いので、敢えてGamersGateを選ぶ理由に値するでしょう、SecuROMが嫌いでなければ。GOG.comでも購入可能なタイトルは、(DRMフリーなので、)GOG.comで買うのがベストだと思います。GamersGateにも、DRMフリーのタイトルはわずかながらあります。

5 Realms of Cards$2.49
8th Wonder of the World$4.98
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity $4.98
Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943$10.00
Against Rome$4.98
Agatha Christie - And then there was none$4.98
Agatha Christie - Evil Under the Sun$7.48
Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express$7.48
AGON The Lost Sword of Toledo$7.48
AI War: Children of Neinzul$2.00
AI War: Fleet Command 4.0$9.98
AI War: The Zenith Remnant$4.98
Air Aces Pacific$20.00
Airline Tycoon Deluxe Mac$9.98
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine$2.49
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle$1.49
Alien Nations$2.48
Alien Shooter$2.50
Alien Shooter 2 Reloaded$2.48
Alien Shooter Revisited$2.50
Alien Storm$2.24
Alone in the Dark$6.78
Alpha Prime$1.24
Alpha Protocol$22.46
Alter Ego$11.97
Altered Beast$2.24
American Civil War$9.99
Amnesia: The Dark Descent$9.98
Ancient Wars - Sparta$10.00
And Yet It Moves$4.98
Aquadelic GT$4.98
Aquanox 2: Revelation$2.48
ArcaniA - Gothic 4$34.97
Archon Classic$4.98
Armada 2526$11.98
Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game$7.48
Aura 2 The Sacred Rings$4.98
Aura fate of the Ages$2.48
Avencast - Rise of the Mage$2.49
Avencast - Rise of the Mage (German Version)$2.49
Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition$19.98
Battle Mages$3.74
Battle Mages and Battle Mages Sign of Darkness$3.74
Battle Mages Sign of Darkness$3.74
Battlestations Midway$10.00
Battlestations Pacific$17.48
Beat Hazard$4.98
Best of Tilted Mill$14.49
Biathlon 2009$7.49
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg$7.46
Bio-Hazard Battle$2.24
Birth of America$7.49
Birth of America II - Wars in America$9.99
Black Mirror$4.98
Bob Came in Pieces$4.98
Bonanza Bros$1.49
Braid Mac$4.98
Broken Sword 2 - The Smoking Mirror$2.98
Broken Sword 2 - The Smoking Mirror Mac$2.98
Broken Sword 3 - The Sleeping Dragon$2.98
Broken Sword Triple Pack$4.98
Broken Sword Twin Pack$4.98
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templar's Directors Cut$2.50
Bug's Escape 3D$2.49
Championship Manager 2008$15.00
Chicago 1930 Mac$7.48
Children of the Nile Alexandria$2.38
Children of the Nile Enhanced Edition$7.98
Children of the Nile Enhanced Edition And Alexandria$6.39
Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual$10.18
City Life 2008$14.99
City Rain$3.98
Civilization IV Complete Edition EU$6.24
Cold War$4.98
Cold Zero - The Last Stand$2.48
Columns III$2.24
Combat Mission: Shock Force$4.98
Comix Zone$2.24
Commander: Conquest of the Americas$7.49
Commander: Conquest of the Americas DLC: Colonial Navy$1.25
Commandos 2 Men of Courage$2.48
Commandos 3 Destination Berlin$2.48
Commandos Behind Enemy Lines$2.48
Commandos Behind Enemy Lines / Beyond the Call of Duty$3.98
Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty$2.48
Condemned - Criminal Origins$11.21
Conflict Denied Ops$15.00
Cops 2170: The Power of Law$4.98
Crack Down$1.68
Crash Time 2$4.74
Creatures Albian Years$4.98
Creatures Exodus$4.98
Creatures Exodus Mac$4.98
Creatures Village$4.98
Creatures Village Mac$4.98
Crime Stories$4.98
Crown of the North$1.48
Crusader Kings$4.98
Crusader Kings Complete$9.98
Crusader Kings Deus Vult$7.48
Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come$4.98
Crystal Key 2 - The Far Realm$4.98
Dark Fall: Lost Souls$9.98
Dark Horizon$4.98
Dark Matter$3.74
Darkfall Online$14.98
Darkstar One$5.00
Dawn of Magic 2$7.48
Dead Reefs$4.98
Decap Attack$2.24
Deer Drive$4.99
Delve Deeper$2.50
Deus Ex Collection$9.98
Deus Ex Invisible War$5.00
Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition$5.00
Disciples III: Renaissance$14.98
Don't Get Angry! 3$9.98
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine$2.81
Dungeon Lords Collectors Edition$5.00
East India Company$4.98
East India Company (French version)$4.98
East India Company (German Version)$4.98
East India Company - Pirate Bay$2.50
East India Company Collection$7.48
East India Company Collection (French Version)$3.74
East India Company Privateer$2.48
East India Company: Battle of Trafalgar$2.48
Ecco Jr$1.12
Ecco the Dolphin$2.24
Ecco: The Tides of Time$2.24
Echelon Wind Warriors$4.99
Egypte 3 - The Egyptian Prophecy$8.00
Elven Legacy$2.50
Elven Legacy Collection$7.49
Elven Legacy German Version$2.48
Elven Legacy: Magic$2.48
Elven Legacy: Ranger$2.48
Elven Legacy: Siege$2.48
Empire Earth III$4.00
Entente WWI Battlefields$3.74
ESWAT: City Under Siege$2.24
Eternal Champions$1.49
Europa Universalis$1.48
Europa Universalis 2$5.00
Europa Universalis 2 - Asian Chapters$5.00
Europa Universalis 3$7.48
Europa Universalis 3 Complete$13.98
Europa Universalis 3 Complete (German Version)$9.98
Europa Universalis 3: Heir to the Throne$9.98
Europa Universalis 3: In Nomine$10.00
Europa Universalis 3: Napoleon's Ambition$9.98
Europa Universalis Rome Gold$9.98
Europa Universalis Rome Vae Victis$5.00
Europa Universalis: Rome$7.48
Fallout 3$13.37
Fatal Labyrinth$1.49
Fatale Mac$3.50
Fate of Hellas$4.98
Fire Flower$2.49
Fleet Command$3.98
Football Manager 2011$29.96
For the Glory - A Europa Universalis Game$9.98
Forever Worlds$4.98
Fort Zombie$4.98
Freak Out: Extreme Freeride$4.98
Frontline: Fields of Thunder$5.00
Gain Ground$2.24
Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power$4.98
Galaxy Force II$1.12
Genesis Rising$2.48
Golden Axe$2.24
Golden Axe 2$2.24
Gothic Complete Collection$47.99
Gothic II$2.48
Gothic II Gold Edition$4.98
Gothic II: Night of the Raven$4.98
Gothic III$7.48
Gothic III Forsaken Gods$9.98
Gothic III Gold Edition$14.98
Gothic Universe$14.98
Grand Ages: Rome$4.98
Grand Ages: Rome - The Reign of Augustus$7.48
Grand Ages: Rome Gold$9.98
Gratuitous Space Battles$11.48
Gratuitous Space Battles Mac$11.48
Great Journey$2.49
Grotesque Tactics Premium Edition$9.98
Ground Control + Expansion$2.40
Ground Control 2 Special Edition$2.40
Guardians of Graxia$5.00
Gumboy Crazy Adventures$2.49
Guns of Icarus$2.48
Haegemonia - Legion of Iron$6.00
Haegemonia - The Solon Heritage$4.00
Hardy Boys - The Hidden Theft$9.98
Hardy Boys - The Perfect Crime$9.98
Hearts of Iron$5.00
Hearts of Iron 2$5.00
Hearts of Iron 2 Complete$7.48
Hearts of Iron 2 DD Armageddon$2.48
Hearts of Iron 2 Doomsday$10.00
Hearts of Iron 3$9.98
Hearts of Iron 3 Complete Pack$17.11
Hearts of Iron 3 Complete Sprite Packs$6.00
Hearts of Iron 3 GE Infantry Sprite Pack$0.98
Hearts of Iron 3 GE Sprite Pack$1.00
Hearts of Iron 3 Japanese Infantry Sprite Pack$0.98
Hearts of Iron 3 Soviet Infantry Spritepack$0.98
Hearts of Iron 3 Soviet Music Pack$1.25
Hearts of Iron 3 Soviet Sprite Pack$0.98
Hearts of Iron 3 US Sprite Pack$1.00
Hearts of Iron 3: Common Weapons of WWII$0.50
Hearts of Iron 3: German II Sprite Pack$0.50
Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi$9.98
Hinterland: Orc Lords$7.98
Hitman Blood Money$4.98
Hollywood Pictures II$5.00
Hot Dog King$4.99
Ice Land 2$2.49
Icehockey Club Manager 2005$2.48
Imperial Glory$3.48
Imperium Romanum$7.48
Imperium Romanum Emperor Expansion Pack$2.50
Imperium Romanum Gold$5.00
Imperium Romanum Gold & Grand Ages Rome$24.98
Imperium Romanum the Conquest of Britannia$2.48
Imperium Romanum Wilds of Germania$2.50
Iron Cross$5.00
Iron Man$7.46
Iron Storm$4.00
Ironclads - American Civil War$3.98
Jagged Alliance 2 Gold$7.98
Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death$2.40
K Hawk Survival Instinct$2.48
Kane & Lynch Dead Men$14.98
Kao the Kangaroo Round 2$2.48
Kart Racer$6.48
Kid Chameleon$1.12
King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame$9.98
King Arthur The Role-playing Wargame: The Saxons DLC$2.49
King's Bounty Crossworlds$5.99
Knights of Honor$4.98
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West$4.98
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West - Four Pack$14.98
Light of Altair$7.48
Lionheart King's Crusade$14.98
Lionheart Kings’ Crusade: New Allies DLC$2.50
Lost Empire$5.00
Lost Empire Immortals$4.98
Lylian: Episode One - Paranoid Friendship$3.74
Majesty 2 Battles of Ardania Expansion$7.48
Majesty 2 Kingmaker Expansion$4.98
Majesty 2 The Fantasy Kingdom Sim$9.98
Majesty 2 The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (French Version)$9.98
Majesty 2 The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (German Version)$9.98
Majesty Gold Edition$2.48
Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition$39.95
Max and the Magic Marker$7.98
Mecho Wars$0.99
Medieval 2 Total War Gold Edition$7.46
MegaDrive Genesis Series 1 Complete Pack$11.21
MegaDrive Genesis Series 2 Complete Pack$5.62
MegaDrive Genesis Series 3 Complete Pack$5.62
Metris IV Mac$5.00
Midnight Nowhere$3.74
Mini Ninjas$14.98
Mosby's Confederacy$7.98
Mount & Blade$9.98
Mount & Blade Complete$27.48
Mount & Blade German$9.98
Mount & Blade Warband$14.98
Napoleon's Campaigns$9.99
Neighbours from Hell$2.48
Neighbours from Hell 2$2.48
Neighbours from Hell Compilation$4.98
Next Life$9.98
NiBiRu Age of Secrets$9.98
Northland Mac$7.48
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus$1.98
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee$1.98
Officers World War II$9.98
Operation Matriarchy$3.74
Pahelika: Secret Legends$3.98
Painkiller Black Edition$4.98
Painkiller Overdose$2.48
Painkiller Pandemonium$15.00
Painkiller Universe$9.98
Painkiller: Resurrection$10.00
Panzer Elite Action Fields of Glory$4.98
Panzer Elite Action Gold$9.98
Panzer Elite Special Edition$2.48
Patrician 3$4.98
Patrician IV: Conquest by Trade$14.98
Patrician IV: Conquest by Trade (German Version)$14.98
Patricians & Merchants Box$4.98
Patriots: A Nation Under Fire$4.98
Penguins Arena$3.74
Penumbra: Black Plague$4.98
Penumbra: Black Plague Gold Edition$5.00
Penumbra: Requiem$4.98
Perimeter: Emperor's Testament$5.00
Playmobil Alarm$4.98
Playmobil Construction$4.98
Pony Friend 2$14.98
Port Royale 2$5.00
Project Anderson & The Legacy of Cthulhu$4.98
Project Freedom$2.50
Project IGI - I'm Going In$5.00
Puzzle Agent$4.98
R.I.P. 3 The Last Hero$1.24
R.I.P. Strike Back$1.24
R.I.P. Trilogy$1.24
Racing Team Manager$7.49
Railroad Pioneer$2.48
Rainbow Mystery$2.49
Rainbow Web$2.24
Rainbow Web 2$2.49
Realms of Illusion - Sentinel$7.48
Reckless Squad$2.40
Restaurant Empire$4.00
Restaurant Empire 2$9.98
Return To Mysterious Island$6.00
Return to Mysterious Island 2$7.98
Riot Ball$5.98
Rise of Prussia$7.48
Road to India$8.00
Robin Hood Mac$7.48
Rome Total War Alexander$5.21
Rome: Total War Complete$11.21
Rome: Total War Gold Edition$2.99
Rush for Berlin$5.00
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat (Loyalty Edition)$7.98
Sacred 2 Ice & Blood$11.98
Safecracker - The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure$4.98
Sail Simulator 2010$14.98
Sam & Max: The Devils Playhouse$13.98
Samorost 2$2.48
Schizm 2: Chameleon$4.98
Scorpion Disfigured$8.00
SEGA Mega Drive Genesis Classics Series 1$19.63
Seven Kingdoms Conquest$4.98
Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi$1.68
Shadowgrounds Bundle-Pack$6.24
Shadowgrounds Survivor$3.74
Shellshock 2: Blood Trails$15.00
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master$2.24
Ship Simulator Extremes$19.98
Ship Simulator Extremes - Sigita DLC$3.00
Shogun Total War Gold Edition$7.46
Sid Meier's Pirates!$2.49
Sid Meier's Railroads!$2.49
Silent Heroes$5.00
Silverfall: Complete Collection$6.25
Silverfall: Earth Awakening$3.75
Ski Racing 2005$2.48
Sniper Art of Victory$4.00
Sniper Ghost Warrior DLC Map Pack$2.48
Sniper: Ghost Warrior$14.98
Soccer Manager$2.48
Soccer Manager Pro$2.48
Software Tycoon Mac$4.98
Soldier Elite$4.98
Solitaire Mac$7.48
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing$14.96
Sonic 3D Blast$3.74
Sonic Spinball$2.81
Sonic the Hedgehog$3.00
Space Empires 4$3.98
Space Empires 5$7.98
Space Hack$3.74
Space Harrier II$1.68
Space Siege$14.96
Space Trader: Merchant Marine$2.49
Spaceforce Captains$5.00
SpaceForce Rogue Universe$4.98
Spellforce 2 Dragon Storm$7.48
Spellforce 2 Gold$9.98
Spellforce 2 Shadow Wars$7.48
Spellforce Gold$4.98
Spellforce Platinum$4.98
Spellforce Platinum Dont$5.00
Spellforce Shadow of the Phoenix$2.48
Spellforce The Order of Dawn$2.48
Spellforce Universe$14.98
Sports and Manager Pack$9.98
Squad Assault$9.98
Star Assault$4.98
Star Fury$3.98
Star Ruler$12.48
Star Sentinel Tactics$14.98
Star Trek Online$14.98
Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe Edition$19.98
Still Life$5.00
Still Life 2$12.00
Storm over the Pacific$42.46
Strategy Game Pack Volume 1$7.48
Sub Command$3.98
Super Power 2$9.98
Super Thunder Blade$1.49
Supreme Ruler 2020$5.00
Supreme Ruler 2020 - Global Crisis$10.00
Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold$14.98
Sword of the Stars$5.00
Sword of the Stars Argos Naval Yard$2.48
Sword of the Stars Complete Collection$9.98
Sword of the Stars Complete Collection (Old)$14.98
Sword of the Stars: A Murder of Crows$10.00
Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood$7.48
Sword of the Stars: Ultimate Collection$14.98
Sword of Vermilion$2.24
Syberia 2$4.00
Sylvenia - Fantasy Poker$5.00
Take Command - 2nd Manassas (Eng)$2.48
Tank Universal$2.49
Tarr Chronicles$4.98
Thandor - The Invasion$2.48
The Ball$10.00
The Chosen - Well of Souls$4.99
The Experiment 112$9.98
The Golden Horde$9.98
The Guild 2 Platinum$14.98
The Guild Complete Collection$25.00
The Guild Gold$4.98
The Guild II$7.48
The Guild II - Pirates of the European Seas$8.98
The Guild II - Venice$9.98
The Guild II Gold$9.98
The Guild II Renaissance$9.98
The Guild Universe$14.98
The Legend Of The Tolteks Mac$5.00
The Mark$4.98
The Nations Gold$4.98
The Sting!$2.48
The UnderGarden$5.00
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut$7.98
Thief - Deadly Shadows$7.50
Thief The Dark Project & Thief Deadly Shadows$12.45
Thief: The Dark Project$5.00
Tomb Raider Anniversary$10.00
Tomb Raider: Underworld$14.98
Traitors Gate 2 - Cypher$4.98
Treasure Island$9.98
Tropico 3$7.48
Tropico 3 Absolute Power Expansion Pack$7.48
Tropico 3 Gold Edition$12.48
Tropico Pack$17.48
Tropico Reloaded$3.50
Truck Racer$6.48
Two Thrones$0.50
UFO Extraterrestrials$4.98
Ugly Prince Duckling$9.98
Universe at War: Earth Assault$14.96
Unreal Complete Pack$11.59
Valhalla Chronicles$0.50
Vancouver 2010 The Olympic Winter Games$18.71
Victoria 2$19.98
Victoria Complete$9.98
Victoria II Interwar - Spritepack$1.00
Victoria: Revolutions$4.98
Vigil: Blood Bitterness$1.24
Virtua Fighter 2$2.24
Virtua Tennis 2009$14.96
Virtua Tennis 3$22.46
Wars and Warriors - Joan of Arc$4.00
Winter Challenge 2008$5.00
Winter Sports 2009 - The Next Challenge$4.99
Woody Two-Legs: Attack of the Zombie Pirates$2.50
World War 2 Time of Wrath$5.95
World War One$9.99
World War One Gold Edition$14.98
World War One Gold Upgrade Kit$4.98
Zombie Driver$4.98
Zombie Shooter$2.50
Zombie Shooter 2$4.98
Zoo Empire$4.00

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